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our future, our main


an investment in main hall is an investment in the mission of agnes scott.


our goal: $31 million in total for the restoration of agnes scott "main" hall.

long-known as the heart of the college, main hall is the building that scotties recognize as a marker of home. she is the brick and mortar symbol of our alma mater, the soul of the scottiehood, and the pulse of our future. constructed in 1891, main hall is the most historic building on campus and is central to agnes scott's identity. today, she is home to the president's office and other administrative spaces, while her upper three floors accommodate housing. main has been home to many generations of scotties, and this campaign will ensure that she will continue to be home for generations to come. as student enrollment continues to grow, main's restoration has become increasingly necessary and deeply urgent. she has told us it's time and we are ready.

reflecting the college's continued commitment to environmental sustainability, agnes scott will strive for leed certification, following the recent renovations of the anna i. young alumnae house (silver), john bulow campbell hall (gold) and rebekah scott hall (platinum).

"if main went, a lot of memories would leave. it's a place where people made lifelong friendships, made memories that shaped their lives. for over a hundred years, it has been the center of all agnes scott alums' lives at one point. it needs to be here, for tradition's sake."   
     - susan thomas '66